My name is Lindsey Bryan and I’m an artist and illustrator with a love for the fanciful and narrative. I studied Illustration and Creative Writing at Cleveland Institute of Art and received my Bachelor’s of Fine Art in 2016 and have since been working as a freelance illustrator and in house surface designer at American Greetings creative studios. I like drawing, reading, dogs, comics, coffee, collecting, cutting out tiny pieces of paper, picture books, frogs, ghosts, stars, sculpting, and anthropomorphizing the moon.
In my artwork I like to explore tiny worlds and the whimsical creatures who reside there. I work with a variety of media ranging from procreate to paper mache. I’d describe my work as charming, quirky, sentimental, and a bit magical. I hope my work inspires wonder and curiosity in all ages.
I am always looking for new creative opportunities so please feel free to get in touch!
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