'Tommelise' is a reimagining of the fairy tale 'Thumbelina' created by Hans Christian Andersen. I wanted to explore a more playful and tom boyish character whose main interest is adventuring with the other small critters in her forest home. 

Each illustration was created using Procreate and Photoshop. 
All artwork ©Lindsey Bryan Art LLC
Tommelise's Turnaround and Color Palette
Tommelise expression studies
Cover sketches and explorations
Tommelise Mock up Cover Illustration
Tommelise finding her shoestring belt loop
Boot spot illustration line work and grayscale rendering
Tadpoles are like Tommelise's version of puppies in this story
Tommelise having a tea party with her lady beetle friends on a strawberry
Strawberry Tea Party illustration spot line work and grayscale
Tommelise staying up past her bedtime to adventure with her moth friends
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