'Just A Minute' is an album by kids music artist Jesse Jukebox made up of 28 songs that are only one minute long. When Jesse approached me to create the artwork for his project I thought an album full of so many fun little songs deserved a bunch of fun little characters to represent each delightful and creative tune. Check out Jesse's record on spotify or you can buy the physical CD here.​​​​​​​
concept sketches and ideations
'Howdy' little guy gif, made in procreate
CD and CD sleeve design also created by me with the help of Moda Vallis
'Xylophone' little guy gif made in procreate
 While I had some fun making a few simple gifs of a couple 'little guys',  Jesse took the concept even further by recruiting Cleveland's own Think Media Studio to animate the artwork into music videos that you can check out here. Thanks for listening! 
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